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How it all began.

Inside the walls of this building you can almost feel the many stories this inn could tell with over 475 years of history!

First Mention

The beginnings of this building can be traced back to the year 1541. The “Güldene Zopf” was originally an inn with a livery barn.

City Fire

In the year 1742, fire destroyed part of an outlying area of Blankenhain including the “Güldenen Zopf”. The inn was built back up in 1755 and renamed “Zum Mohren”.


The inn went back to its original name „G&uumL;ldener Zopf“ in 1936. The decorative carvings on the building can be traced back to its reconstruction in 1930.


The vacant building was bought by the Grafe family in the year 2015. The restaurant with its rich tradition reopened in 2016 with a focus on classic Thuringian cuisine and regional ingredients.


Back to basics

The restaurant with its rich tradition is devoted to classic Thuringian cuisine with quality ingredients sourced mainly from the immediate surroundings.

Catfish from Schkölen

Because we focus on the highest quality, freshness and naturalness, we have chosen the African catfish from Schkölen. Sustainably and regionally produced and entirely without antibiotics, medicines and performance enhancers, the catfish is bred with fresh well water directly from Schkölen.

Beer from Bad Blankenburg

The brewing tradition of the WATZDORFER beer makers dates back to the year 1411. Beer drinkers have been enjoying Thuringian craft of beer brewing for over 600 years. Old brewing secrets paired with state-of-the-art processing methods are what make the beer from Bad Blankenburg unique. Hats off to the beer brewers from the foot of the Greifenstein Castle.

Fruit juices from Gierstädt

Protected by the mountain chain „Fahner Höhe“ lies an area where a variety of fruit trees thrive. Apples, pears, cherries and plums are transformed into natural juices, nectars and fruit liqueurs. All steps – from the natural cultivation of the fruit to the end processing – are carried out under the careful supervision of the Fahner company The fruity taste of Fahner drinks is well known to many.

Liqueurs from Neudietendorf

From home remedies to spirits. The residents of Neudietendorf have sworn by their digestive bitters under the brand name Aromatique since 1828. A traditionally crafted bitters with a well-rounded blend of spices, light hint of bitters and a strong sweet flavor. The alcohol-based remedy derives its unique flavor solely from spices. Cheers – to your health!

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Impressions from the güldenen Zopf.

You will be enchanted by the very natural flair of our restaurant. Enjoy our traditional Thuringian cuisine with a new and sophisticated touch.

Opening hours

Monday: from 5.30 pm to 10.00 pm
Tuesday – Wednesday: Closed
Thursday – Saturday: from 5.30 pm to 10.00 pm
Sunday: from 11.30 am to 3.00 pm and 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm